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Tips for flawless skin


Tips for flawless skin

Don’t have time for rigorous skincare? You can still treat yourself by carrying out the basics. Ethical care and robust lifestyle can slow down ageing and improve other health conditions as well. Get started with these simple tips to achieve the perfect skin combination:

1. Treat your skin gently
To get best out of it, daily cleansing, shaving and other things contribute a lot the appearance of your skin. To keep it gentle:

·   Limit your shower timings. Hot water and usually long showers and baths remove oils from your skin. Make them of shorter durations. Use water with moderate temperature instead of hot water.
·    Avoid harsh soaps. Strong soaps and detergents can strip the moist from skin better use dermatologists approved mild cleansers.
·    Shave with care. Use good amount of shaving cream, lotion or gel before shaving. Use sterile or new razor which is sharp.
·    Pat dry. After taking shower or washing your face, gently pat dry your skin with towel so that some moisture stays in skin.
·    Moisturize dry skin. If you feel dryness, use a moisturizer which suits your skin type. For daily use, consider sunscreens with good amount SPF.

2. Eat a healthy diet
Healthy diet can be helpful to make you look beautiful and feel your best. Eat foods holding more proteins, fruits composed of vitamins and vegetables. The bond between diet and acne is not clear though but researchers believe that diet consists of fish oil or fish oil supplements and refined carbohydrates can contribute to younger looking skin. Drink plenty of water as it helps you keep hydrated.

3. Manage your stress levels
Unrestrained stress can make your skin more delicate and activate acne breakouts and other skin problems. To uplift healthy skin and healthy state of mind take measures to manage your stress. Get adequate amount of sleep, set reasonable schedules and try to make room for yourself to do things which you really enjoy. The outcome might be more considerable than you expect.

4. Quit smoking
Smoking makes you look dull. Smoking narrows down the blood vessels responsible for the circulation of blood. Less blood supply leads to the depletion of oxygen and essential nutrients that are important to skin health.
Smoking damages the collagen production and elastin, the fibres that gives strength and resistance. In addition, the tedious facial features you make when smoking can contribute to wrinkles. If you smoke, the best way to protect is to stop.

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