Transparency in ingredients and brand which promises the safety - OBT Skincare

Transparency in ingredients and brand which promises the safety


Transparency in ingredients and brand which promises the safety

Talking about the OBT skincare products which you choose to put on the beautiful face of yours we claim them to be the safest.

Our notable concern is that our products will work for you in a way that your skin will thrive for them. We manufactured them with best ingredients with the team of professionals who dedicated them to come up with the product that is constructively authentic for your skin. Moreover, what you use on your skin is blended in extremely strict environment following safety protocols. Products are tested under the cosmetic and SPF regulations in the world.

Root for success

One root for OBT brand success is the clear portray of their unique style formulas to treat your skin problems. It is amazingly easy for you to appraise the products and you can choose wisely. We lay out all ingredient, portfolios and INIC on our website for all products. Go take a tour of website to find what’s best for you.


OBT mission is to work out the best from science and nature to produce convenient, efficient skin care to enhance skin health. In simple words, we design the premium and affordable stuff to help your skin stay healthy and calm. It is under development since 2008, now we are appeared as one the biggest competitors for the whole cosmetic industry. Doctor Osman Bashir Tahir, founder of the brand set out to make a product that would be globally handy, wholesome for as many people with every type of skin. He endowed with a formulator with tons of ability and years of experience in organic and natural skin care. Additionally, he demanded for the products which are unlikely to cause any side effects such as; rashes, itchiness and redness. He seemingly added that it’s our responsibility to protect the customers who are trusting us.

Ingredient's description

We love to shield your skin, nourish it, look after it and keep its barrier strong. We push on the experience and research of our scientists and formulators who deliberately worked for us. Embedded in nature we totally depend on refined plant and nut oils because they are known to be effective. Experts keep out the ingredients that have been shown potentially harmful to body. To be frank, it is easy to find the ingredients which can damage someone’s skin but, hard to find the ones which are useful. We exclude silicones, parabens, mineral oils, petrolatum, PEGs, sulphates (SLS, SLES), GMOs. It costs us but, people with overly sensitive, highly reactive and compromised skin might be able to use our products.

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